Mygammer has 4 games. PUBG, Free Fire Call of Duty & Clash Royale and many more to come.

Joining a Contests

You can join a league by clicking on the PUBG /Free Fire/ Call of Duty . Select whether you want to join a particular game subtype like Solo, Duo, Squad, Normal Battle or Classic Battle contest Make sure to check the date and time of the contest to make sure you are available for the play.


However keeping in mind the gameplay & the fact that there are leagues where real money is involved, we have enforced the following restrictions.
• Mygammer has an age restriction of 18+
• Mygammer has private & public leagues where the public leagues are only accessible to the audience of India
barring the states of Assam, Nagaland, Sikkim, Odisha & Telangana.
• We take the country code during the signup which allows us to restrict the real money leagues to the
audience outside India.
• Before joining any paid league the user has to certify their age being 18+
• only win money can be withdrawn(not join money&referrel money)
• refer and earn
Hence, Mygammer takes strict measures to ensure that the paid version of the game is only available in India & for an audience which is 18 and above.